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rat[LAB] – Research in Architecture & Technology

We are a team of architects, urbanists, computational designers, fabrication specialists, engineers and designers from different parts of the world, agglomerating to form this multi-national consultancy. rat[LAB] was started by Sushant Verma & Pradeep Devadass during the Summer of 2012 in London, and is now spread in London (UK) ,Bangalore (India), New Delhi (India), Thessaloniki (Greece), and our team is continuously expanding and joined by collaborators for our in-house research and database development, from various parts of the world.


rat[LAB] is an independent research cell based in London (UK),  Bangalore (India) & Thessaloniki (Greece)  to facilitate  advanced research in architecture, focussed on integration of technology and design.  The research agendas broadly focus on the use of computational design in architecture and urbanism, with subset focus on material computation, generative design, algorithmic design and digital fabrication.

The research cell functions as a global collaborative and multidisciplinary laboratory facilitating design research that leads to novel spatial tectonics and smart built environments.  We offer global collaborations to architecture and urban design firms to develop systemic models using advanced computational techniques and carry out project-specific or agenda-specific research in all fields of design.

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